Apple New Smartphone images leaked!!

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It is a time where Technology is changing day by day and upgraded time to time. And now in the Smartphone globe it is very good news for the modern technology lovers, and the news from Apple. If we believe the rumors, it is possible that Apple is working its new Project iPhone 6C now. It is reported that the Apple new iPhone images have been leaked online and it looks literally the iPhone 5C.

The Latino Post said it is probable that Apple will launch two iPhone models this year iPhone 6S and iPhone 7. The website also claims that it is also possible that now Apple is working iPhone 6C.According to the reports the iPhone 6C about 4 inches long and shall prepared from plastic slightly than metal.iPhone-6-side-screen-concept

MacWorld said” Some people feel that the 4-7 inch iPhone 6 is already “too big” That being said, the outlet is likewise convinced that Apple should launch an iPhone 6C, even that adding that it’ a necessary move for Apple to break into the Huge markets of China, India and Africa.”

The reports claimed that Apple new iPhone price range will be between 400$ to 500$. So we can say that it is cheaper with the Apple previous iPhone 6S and it might be possible that it will be more affordable.

It is possible that Apple will probably launch its new iPhone on the September 2015 and also expected that Apple will sell more than 20 million iPhone 6C devices in its current year.

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