Agni V Missile Created A History In Nuclear Science

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Today On Jan,31 2015 once again Agni-V missile created an Indian history. It is a starting a new era of India and its nuclear power. India has successfully launched Agni-V missile from Wheeler Island off Odisha coast. It is party time for Indian scientists to complete their mission in such an efficient manner.

The striking range of Agni-V missile intercontinental surface to surface over 5000 KMs. It is a nuclear capable ballistic missile and it can also carry over one tonne nuclear warhead.

Agni V missile is 17 meters long and 2 meters wide and has a weight of around 50 tonnes. It can easily carry more than one tonne nuclear warhead. It is most advanced missile with the comparison of other missiles of Agni series, in terms of engine and navigation and warhead.Agni V Missile Created A History In Nuclear Science

Agni V missile was the third trial for the development of the long-range missile. On 19, April 2012, the first trial was conducted and the second development trial had conducted on 15 September 2013 from the same location. It is the main weapon which will help us for the national security and gives a red signal for the opponents.

There are several missiles in armoury of Agni series before Agni-V missile

Agni I range is 700 KMs.

Agni-II range is 2000 KMs.

Agni III and Agni IV range within 2500 KMs to 3500 KMs and now Agni-V missile range is 5000 KMs.

Agni V missile’s striking can reach Beijing and much of Europe and Pakistan also. It is a weapon designed for increasing the Indian nuclear power.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has congratulated our scientists for their hard work on Twitter.

Successful test firing of Agni V missile from a canister makes the missile a prized asset for our forces. I salute our scientists for their efforts.

Arun Jaitley, The Minister of Finance also proudly tweeted about this.

Congrats! to the team of scientists and engineers for successfully test firing of Agni V missile, the nuclear-capable missile and making India proud.

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